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You can Book or Cancel a Telephone Appointment

  1. By Telephone:
    Call 01670 812772 during our opening hours. An operator will take your details and arrange for the GP to contact you.
  2. Online:
    You can book a telephone appointment using Systmonline and the doctor will call you. If, after speaking with you, the doctor thinks you need to come into the surgery, they will make an appointment for you, usually on the same day.
    You will need to register for our online appointments service -
    See our Registration Notes for details.

Remember if you can’t come – PLEASE cancel your appointment.

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About our Appointments System

Doctor First

With the introduction of our 'Dr First' appointment system, there is now no need to pre-book any GP appointments, just give us a call on the day that you wish to see the GP.

To find out more information regarding this new system click here.

Emergencies, Injuries and When the Surgery is Closed

Information on what to do when the surgery is closed, or if you have an urgent medical problem, can be found on our Urgent Problems and Out of Hours page.

General Information

We offer a range of appointments with male and female clinicians. If you have a preference please advise staff and we will endeavor to support you where possible.

If you are kept waiting more than 20 minutes after your appointment time please inform the receptionist who will give you an update on your appointment and offer you an alternative time.

Appointments with the Practice Nurses

Our Practice Nurses are available by appointment for injections, diagnostic tests, smears, new patient checks, routine blood tests and blood pressure checks. We also run clinics specifically for diabetes, asthma, well baby, ante-natal, Coronary Heart Disease, hypertension and advice on stopping smoking.

Nurse appointments are available throughout the day.

Who Can Make An Appointment

We provide a confidential service to all our patients, including under 16s. This means that you can tell others about your visit but we wont. Please click the following links for further information:

  1. Will they tell my parents?
  2. Does my child have a right to refuse treatment?
  3. Parental rights and responsibilities 

Sick Notes

We do not issue 'Fit Notes' also called 'Sick Notes' before the statutory legal requirement of 7 days. Please refer to our Practices Services section for further information.


Our practice is committed to putting patient’s at ease whenever possible and if you wish a chaperone to be present during your examination please do not hesitate to ask the doctor / nurse.

All chaperones are members of staff who are trained to carry out this role. They are trained in patient confidentiality.

It may not be possible for such a chaperone to be provided immediately and you might have to return for the examination to be carried out at a mutually convenient time.

Trust is important in the relationship between doctor / nurse and patient, we would at all times wish you to feel able to ask for a chaperone should you require it.

Cancelling an Appointment

If you are unable to attend for your appointment please tell us in good time so that we are able to offer another patient the use of that appointment.

You can use one of the following methods:

  1. Cancel Online:
    Cancel Online using this alternative method (no login required).
  2. By Telephone:
    Please call us on 01670 812772.
  3. In Person: Call into your surgery and let the receptionist know in person.

During 2016 we had 2899 patients who failed to attend for their scheduled appointments and failed to inform us of their cancellation. Should you wish to cancel an appointment please call or visit the surgery where one of our receptionists will be more than happy to help.

We can offer your appointment to someone else and therefore help to reduce waiting times

As part of our commitment to all our patients we monitor the efficient use of appointments. If a patient regularly fails to attend a booked appointment, the practice reserves the right to remove them and their family from the practice list.

Cancellation by Practice

Please note it may be necessary for the Practice to cancel your appointment. We will try to give you ample notice and offer an alternative appointment.

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