Repeat Prescriptions

We run a computerised system to issue repeat prescriptions which have already been agreed with your doctor.



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Ordering your Prescriptions

  1. Online using Systmonline:
    Click here to order your Repeat Prescription using Systmonline.
    Registration is required for our online prescription ordering service.
    See our Registration notes for details.
  2. By Telephone:
    Repeat prescription voicemail is available 24/7, call 01670 844 300. We will need to know: Your full name and date of birth (or NHS Number), address , telephone number (to contact if any queries), the medication required. Please help by only ordering repeat medication which is required not all on the repeat list. If the prescription is to be collected by a Pharmacist please indicate which one.
  3. In Person:
    A Repeat Prescription Box is located in the Practice at Reception. You can either remove the right hand section from the last prescription and identify the medication you require or complete a Repeat Prescription Form.
  4. Chemist:
    Arrange with a local chemist to collect your prescription. See Collection points section below.

When will my Prescription be ready?

Prescriptions will be ready for collection in two working days if you will be picking the prescription up from the surgery. Below is a rough guide of the timescale in which your prescription should be ready.

Request Received

Script Ready By











For Example
A script received on Tuesday at 4pm will be ready for collection
on Thursday after 4pm.

Please request repeat prescriptions well in advance of public holidays, etc.

For those that request their prescription be sent to a local pharmacy then the time will be dependant on that pharmacy. Please contact the relevant pharmacy for an indication of the timescale.

Prescription Charges

As of 1st April 2018 the cost of a single prescription item will be increasing by 20 pence to £8.80.

The cost of the prescription prepayment certificate will remain the same at £29.10 for 3 months and £104 for 12 months.

Collection Points

Patients can either collect their prescription from the surgery or a chemist of their choice.

In order for prescriptions to be collected from a chemist, patients need to register at their chemist of choice for the 'Prescription Collection Service'. Once the Chemist has agreed to collection on your behalf, Patients then need to instruct the Practice which must be in writing - forms are available from most chemists.

Electronic Prescriptions Service

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an NHS service. It gives you the chance to change how your GP sends your prescription to the place you choose to get your medicines or appliances from. Find out how this could save you time by downloading our leaflet.

Our practice is collaborating with NHS  Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) who is providing NHS numbers for those patients that maybe suitable for electronic repeat dispensing prescriptions. The information is obtained from NHS prescriptions submitted to the NHSBSA. A member of our clinical team will contact these patients soon to explain the benefits of this service.

Repeat Prescription Queries

If  you would like to speak to a member of staff regarding a prescription please telephone during Monday to Friday between 8.45am to 11.00am and  3.00pm to 4.45pm

Please remember that the telephone is often busy on a morning and especially on a Monday or after a Bank Holiday.

Acute Prescriptions

Acute Prescriptions are given for a specific illness, please bear in mind when ordering acute medication that these prescriptions can take longer to come back.

Adverse Reactions to any Medication

Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency an Executive Agency of the Department of Health is responsible for the safeguarding of health, ensuring medicines and medical devices work and are acceptably safe.  No product is risk free but using fact-based judgements they provide guidance. If you have an adverse reaction to any medication you should contact us. You may also report this using The Yellow Card Scheme.

Good Medication Management is Important

Please preempt ordering prescriptions to avoid medication running out.

If you are given 56 days of tablets and you have 7 days left, order your new prescription. In the case of any emergency your regular pharmacist will give you a couple of tablets until you get your new prescription.

If you are going on holiday you should take a list of your medication with you. In case you have a problem ENSURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH MEDICATION TO COVER YOUR HOLIDAY. SOME COUNTRIES ALSO NEED A DOCTOR's LETTER TO EXPLAIN THE MEDICATION. Check with your travel agent.

If you have elderly relatives ensure that they have an adequate supply of their medication. Dossette boxes/blister packs can be arranged if they have a large amount of medication to take.

Health Checks

All patients on Repeat Prescriptions will be required to have a health check.  Failure to attend your health check will result in either reduced quantities or cancellation as it may be unsafe to continue.  This is for your safety to ensure that the medication is still appropriate for you.

Free or Reduced Cost Prescriptions

Some patients automatically get free prescriptions. Certain patients can get an exemption certificate to obtain free prescriptions. Anyone needing regular prescriptions may save money by buying a Prescription Prepayment Certificate.

Prescribed Medicine Updates

We prescribe medicines from a formulary, often using the chemical name, which may be different from the name you or the patient is familiar with. The formulary is constantly updated and you may well be advised that your medication is changing.

How Prescription Information is Handled

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